Guildford Skatepark Rebuild -
Posted by James on 1st May 2012

Guildford Skatepark Rebuild

— POST UPDATED: Sept 1st 2012–

Guildford skatepark was pulled down last year and plans are in the works to rebuild a concrete park in its place. Above are the plans for the new park and from looking of Facebook it seems like work has already started ready for the summer.

We don’t have much details on scale of the park but seems like there will be some good things going into it. Be prepared for it to be busy when it opens!


  • At 2012.11.03 10:41, will said:

    i haven’t been there yet but i cant wait till i go this afternoon

    • At 2012.11.03 10:42, will said:

      skateboarding is the BEST

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