Plymouth Skatepark Rebuild in Central Park -
Posted by James on 22nd September 2011

Plymouth Skatepark Rebuild in Central Park

Plymouth Skatepark is getting rebuilt after the Central Park park got bulldozed to allow for a bigger car park. The plans have now been released and will be built in two stages.


  • At 2011.10.21 20:28, jimassinho jim for short said:

    I hope this new skatepark will be good but i also hope people wont be DICKS there like they used to be. :L

    • At 2011.10.22 12:17, Anonymous said:

      whens it gonna be finished

    • At 2011.10.30 13:21, Ryan Tunnell said:

      They need to put more concrete ate the tops of the quarters and stuff so u can land on concrete and not grass

      • At 2012.03.28 08:32, fat said:

        hope it going to be great

        • At 2012.05.17 09:49, stirling said:

          Does any body know when phase 2 is going to happen?

          • At 2012.06.17 19:57, Jordan said:

            when are they gonna to start building the second part,and will it be fenced off so the part that’s already there can stay open when they do or will it be closed.

            • At 2012.10.24 08:26, Anonymous said:

              we need the old skatepark back!

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