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ZEAL – Ghetto Frontyard Jam 2013

Zeal knows how to put on a good Jam, lots of awesome home made stuff in this, even a sky ring made an appearance… this is how you do it!

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Posted by James on 28th October 2013

Liam Hutchinson BMX August 2012

Riding from the Upton warehouse with some big moves from Liam Hutchinson

taking a break from filming so here’s some clips that I have on my computer from Northbridge skatepark, the Works, Pitwheels/upton, corby and creation

i messed the ratio up in the editing so everything looks a bit stretched.

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Posted by James on 7th August 2012

ALONE en France

Check out the Alonebmx team riding some awesome spots in france. Looks like good times were had!

Our long overdue video from the epic Alone roadtrip we did earlier this year, covering over two and a half thousand miles. With Captain Hitchcox at the helm we blundered our way through some amazing spots , did some crazy things and met some awesome people. The trip was a blast and we even got round to filming some stuff.

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Posted by James on 30th June 2012

Disco Stu Serious NASS Training

Top BMX pro Disco Stu took some time out to take you through his rigorous training regime for the upcoming NASS Festival. No trick is left un-pulled as Disco takes you through his complicated street, coping and jump box maneuvers, all in strict preparation for this coming July as we join the Zeal Distribution team on their Summer Shop Tour.

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Posted by James on 23rd June 2012

Mount Hawke Easter BMX Jam 2012

Here’s the 2012 video for the annual easter bmx jam from Mount Hawke Skatepark, Cornwall, UK
This year was nuts so check it out…
Thanks to the sponsors: Monster Energy, Commit BMX, Lifer BMX, Premium Products, IMG Distro & Zeal

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Posted by James on 16th April 2012

Rob Ridge – One Handed Hang5 Stall Wind Screen Wiper

Rob is the master of tech and always will be. Check out his crazy new trick, i don’t even know what to call it.. 1 handed hang 5 stall to wind screen wiper?

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Posted by James on 12th February 2012

Mankind at Upton skatepark

Mankind hit up Zeal HQ in Upton Skatepark to ride bikes and have fun. Riding from Isaac and Bommel

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Posted by James on 10th February 2012

Tom Justice & Martyn Cooper – Winter 2011

Tom Justice and Martyn Cooper riding skegness skatepark, x-site.

Scoop BMX, Odessa Shoe, Mankind, Zeal Distrubution – Filmed and Edited: Leo Baron

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Posted by Tom on 28th November 2011

Zeal bmx Team backflip

Here is a Zeal threesome for you. Go on youtube and hit the like button to help them out in some competition.

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Posted by James on 19th September 2011

Pete Briton Zeal / Sputnic Edit

Filmed in an afternoon

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Posted by James on 12th August 2011

Zeal At The Pool Edit

The park has now closed its doors so its about time to release the Zeal Pool edit. Zeal Distribution got invited to one of the private session down at the Pool in Dagenham for the Nike Pool project. A lot of good riding went down in one of the most surreal skateparks ever made.

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Posted by James on 17th June 2011

Zeal at The Pool Coming Soon

A new Zeal web edit from The Pool. Coming soon with all your favorite Zeal stars!

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Posted by James on 13th June 2011