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Seb Yates – All Trails 2014

We have finish our all trails edit of Deluxe BMX rider Seb Yates. For this edit we travelled to lots of different trail spots including.. Wisley, Eurocamp, La Poma, Barcelona, John Pound, Leatherhead, and Chertsey.

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Posted by James on 21st August 2014

Digitalbmx on Facebook

Adding lots of pictures up on our facebook page at the moment, all you need to do is hit the like button to be part of it.

Pictures from Wisley Trails, Bay Sixty6, Kingston, recent web edits and more.

Help us grow and share with a friend! Thanks!






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Posted by James on 1st February 2012

Digitalbmx Photos on Facebook

We are posting a load of photos up on our Facebook profile in the next couple of weeks, to check them out and join the discussion just hit our LIKE button. Recent pictures are from Wisley Trails

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Posted by James on 19th December 2011

Jimmy Helmet Cam Run at Wisley

Some dude came down the trails back in the summer and Jimmy took his helmet cam for a run through the mainline, here’s the result.

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Posted by Gareth on 6th December 2011

Wisley Trails Tour

A cool POV angle of Wisley trails. Footage shows both lines from the Top of the Main Line into the Jam Line, and then through the whole Main Line.

Here is a video of the different lines at the Wisley trails, one of UK’s finest. This session was back in August one week before their annual jam, so the jumps were in prestine condition. Thanks go out to Digs and the rest of the locals for showing us a great time. The last clip is of Jeremy Ball and Jimmy Pratt rippin!!


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Posted by James on 29th November 2011

Tim Muir 2011 Summer Edit

Tim has released a nice Trails edit from spots around surrey, shot and edit by Nick Parslow

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Posted by James on 20th September 2011

Wisley Photodump

I’ve been a bit slack on the photo front this year, time constraints mixed with equipment problems combined with a lack of money means it’s been hard to find the motivation. Also I can’t stand sitting in front of a computer when there’s more interesting things to be done. Anyhow, there’s been some good riding going on down wisley this year, when its been dry at least, so here’s some shots I’ve taken between may and now. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more on it now the gear problems are sorted. We shall see…

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Posted by Gareth on 28th August 2011

Wisley trails Updates

Wisley trails.. what can i say.. other then a lots of work goes into these on a weekly basis like most trails. Gareth, Digs and crew tirelessly maintain build these day in day out and with the use of facebook Gareth updates people on the progress, you can now see these pictures on digitalbmx. Hit the image below to go the wisley updates page.

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Posted by James on 20th July 2011

Volt BMX Ben Richardson

Some nice shots from Cantelowes in London and Wisley Trails

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Posted by James on 4th May 2011

Wisley Trails Photo Updates

Wisley is an ever growing maze of jumps. Its all down to the hard work of Gareth, Diggs and the locals down at Wisley Trails.

Gareth updates his facebook every now and again with the building progress down at Wisley, so i thought it would be a good idea to create a page dedicated to those photos. The page will be updated with progress photos every now and again so keep checking back!

Click HERE to view the new photo page or go to Photos > Wisley Trails Updates in the navigation above!

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Posted by James on 22nd March 2011

Volt BMX Ross Head

Another little trails edit for you, this one featuring VoltBMX’s Ross Head. Trails featured are; Epsom which is looking awesome and Wisley which always has that distinct sound to it.

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Posted by James on 16th March 2011

Wisley Trails- BBQ Sunday

Trying to bring back the summer here is a little edit from Wisley filmed by Andy Hall on the iPhone4

Sunday Riding bmx, bbq and hanging out.
Filmed on the iphone 4
Edited on imovie and slowmo apps.

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Posted by James on 29th November 2010