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Corey Martinez This Is United

Happy Friday everyone! Check out this one from untiedbikeco: “Here it is, Corey Martinez and the last part in This Is United. This section went on to win video part of the year at the Nora Cup, and with good reason. Sit back and take in the double song, 7 minutes of epic-ness.”

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Posted by James on 7th December 2012

Kye Forte This Is United BMX : Full Video Part HD

Kye Forte’s part from the awesome Unitedbmx DVD. No barspins in this, pretty refreshing!

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Posted by James on 4th December 2012

Props Issue 43 – Ian Morris Profile

In another great classic section from the Props archives, we take a look back to late 2002 for the Ian Morris Profile, at a time when Ian rode for Federal before founding this own company, United.

A BMX legend himself known for insane rails and crashes, Ian is interviewed by fellow legends Dean Hearne, Joe Rich, Nate Wessel, Steven Crandall, and Leland Thurman.

In addition to park and street footage, the section features rare classic clips from the early 90s UK BMX scene of Ian trying outrageous rails, and some of the first backwards rails ever.

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Posted by James on 1st September 2012

This Is United: Alex Valentino, Ian Morris & Team Mix

Alex Valentino and Ian Morris have full sections either side of a mix of team riders including Luke Peeters, Ross Broughton, Dan Boiski, Steve Debusk, Jamie Lusted, Josh Kathigitis, Marko Maksimovic, Josh Heritage, Dean Hearne, Roy Van Kempen and Tom Sanders. A right royal mix up!

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Posted by James on 20th August 2012

Ryan Lloyd Winter 2012 United Edit

This.. is.. awesome! So much control!

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Posted by James on 3rd July 2012

This Is United: Leo Forte Full Video Part HD

It’s been a few weeks since the last section, but this week Leo Forte’s part from This Is United is online. Leo is a style cat with an eyeball in his palm, and a mean ass nac nac.

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Posted by James on 29th June 2012

United Buenos Dias Argentina Tour 2012

In April 2012 Corey Martinez, Jimmy Rushmore, Nathan Williams, Geoff Slattery & Christian Rigal headed to Argentina for a United trip in conjunction with Bloque Distribution.

The 12 days of mayhem that went down made this one to remember. Hospital visits, huge demos, street bangers and South American hospitality, Buenos Dias.

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Posted by James on 1st June 2012

Jamie Skinner & Harry Mills-Wakeley – Exeter Skatepark

Good to see some riding from the exeter locals!

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Posted by James on 5th May 2012

This Is United: Jimmy Rushmore Full Video Part HD

Love the United stuff

It only seemed fitting to upload Jimmy Rushmore’s section from This Is United this week, especially after being officially added to the United pro team by Corey Martinez and a cake to the face.

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Posted by James on 4th May 2012

Nathan Williams Monster Energy

Its been out one day and already has 34k views. With that knowledge alone you should watch this!

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Posted by James on 7th March 2012

Jack Marchant – Lucky7s

More BMX Videos

The first ever Ride UK ‘Lucky7s’ is here. It’s a pretty simple concept, we ask your favourite riders to do 7 tricks or lines that they enjoy doing and we film it. First up for a Lucky7s is United Bike Co rider, Jack Marchant riding Unit 6 down in Bournemouth.

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Posted by James on 1st March 2012

Nathan Williams – Introducing the etnies Brake

This is soo good, love watching edits with Nathan in, his moves on street are just amazing!

The Brake is a cupsole shoe that features more durable rubber on the toe and heel area to endure the rigors of using your foot as a brake on the tire. The BMX-inspired outsole features a herringbone step pattern designed to grip pedals, but also release when needed without tearing. A denser EVA shank in the midsole arch provides extra protection and stability from the pedals without sacrificing pedal feel, while softer EVA on the toe and heel provide extra flexibility and overall comfort.

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Posted by James on 20th February 2012