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Seb Yates – All Trails 2014

We have finish our all trails edit of Deluxe BMX rider Seb Yates. For this edit we travelled to lots of different trail spots including.. Wisley, Eurocamp, La Poma, Barcelona, John Pound, Leatherhead, and Chertsey.

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Posted by James on 21st August 2014

Murky Bmx – RT#2

So stoked on this!! Solid parts from everyone, nice one lads!

RT part 2. Stay tuned for the third part.

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Posted by Greg on 8th March 2013

Oxford Skatepark


It looks like the scene in Oxford are doing it right by not allowing scooters into the park. Seems like this will be the first park to have something like this enforced. Park is looking awesome at the moment, check out their site for more information

“OWP appreciate that scooter riders are the next generation of skater and BMXers and we may one day eat our words but for the success of this unique facility the management committee have decided to ban the use of scooters. This we believe will ensure maximum fair usage of the facility and safeyy of park users. Bare in mind – people are not banned from this park we have built. Just scooters. If you want to ride a board or a bike you are welcome.”

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Posted by James on 18th February 2013

Murky Bmx – RT Trailer

Trailer for Murky RT. Stay tuned.


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Posted by Greg on 22nd January 2013

SouthWest BMX End of Summer 2012

During the summer, while i was out filming myself for certain edits, i was always filming my friends i was riding with, including jams i went to and filmed. great times and great bunch of riders. enjoy filmed and edited by sam baskett…. SOUTH/WEST BMX

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Posted by James on 26th November 2012

Colony in the UK

In early September 2012 Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay and Clint Millar headed over to the UK for 9 days. We met up with UK riders Liam Vance and Sam Davies-Bate and trekked a ridiculous amount of kilometres to a bunch of cool BMX shops and parks hanging out with anyone that was out and about.

Thanks to all the riders and shops that we met and also to Tabeltop Distribution for planning it all out.

Filmed and Edited by Cooper Brownlee

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Posted by James on 1st November 2012

Verde BMX at Chertsey Trails

Verde BMX team came to Chertsey Trails as part of their UK tour.
Riders include : Matt Priest, Liam Eltham, Tim Muir, Andy Drysdale, Bob Manchester, Dan Mcgeary, Martyn Tambling, Jonny Devine and others..

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Posted by James on 29th August 2012

Weekend with Tim Muir

Tim Murr has style for miles. Check out this new edit of him filmed in a weekend. Woking and Chertsey footage.

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Posted by James on 8th August 2012

BMX featuring in the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

There has been a lot of news coming to light recently that BMX was going to feature a part in the London Olympics opening Ceremony. Sadly the Olympic comity cut the Olympic Ceremony time, from what I have heard it was to ensure that people could get home in time via public transport.

A lot of friends were going to be in this Olympic BMX display team so i was pretty disappointed to hear we wouldn’t be seeing them in the Opening performance. Here is a behind the scenes video from the Bike Dove performance. It doesn’t involve any BMX but you can see in the background the jump boxes that were going to be used. This would of really helped BMX, but not surprisingly it was something that the organizers found easy to cut from the Ceremony.

Picture Credit: Hitcher

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Posted by James on 28th July 2012

N2T AJ Anaya in the UK

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Posted by Greg on 18th July 2012

DUB BMX Street Series – Liverpool

More BMX Videos

The DUB BMX Jam / Monster Street Series fully went off yesterday in Liverpool. People travelled from all over to be here and it was more than worth it. The grey skies may have put a few off but the weather actually held out all day so bad luck if you didn’t come… On the day we clocked over 500 video clips… We’ve condensed that down into a 5 minute edit of pure hammers from all the four spots in Liverpool – Tunnel Banks, The Flyover Bank to Sub, Everton Brow and the Costco/Dock Warehouses Rail. We know you’ve all been waiting for this, so quit reading and hit play

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Posted by James on 27th June 2012

Callum Emery 2012

callum emery 2012 web edit – More BMX Videos

Editing and filming isn’t great but the kid has definitely got skills. Someone to look out for in the future

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Posted by James on 19th June 2012