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Jimmy Pratt Edit

So a lot of you might be anti MTB and that fair enough, but before you skip past this edit you need to check out my friend Jimmy Pratt riding at his local trails. There aren’t many tricks in this but there doesn’t need to be. Hes one of the smoothest riders i know. Props do Ben for making it, its been a long time coming!

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Posted by James on 26th January 2012

Park and Trails Pics From Gareth Howell

Gareth has been updating his portfolio site recently. He’s been putting pics up from Playstation (Bay66) and trails from around the South West. Check a few of the below but check out more from his site at: http://www.gareth-howell.net/

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Posted by James on 18th January 2012

Wisley Trails Tour

A cool POV angle of Wisley trails. Footage shows both lines from the Top of the Main Line into the Jam Line, and then through the whole Main Line.

Here is a video of the different lines at the Wisley trails, one of UK’s finest. This session was back in August one week before their annual jam, so the jumps were in prestine condition. Thanks go out to Digs and the rest of the locals for showing us a great time. The last clip is of Jeremy Ball and Jimmy Pratt rippin!!


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Posted by James on 29th November 2011

Jimmy Pratt’s Burm

Ok, so this isn’t a BMXer but seriously, you cant look at this photo and not be impressed with the amount of work that has gone into this burm. Ben Mark took this photo of Jimmy from Leatherhead cruising round his trails in Surrey. There is a full edit of Jimmy coming out soon filmed by Ben. Click the picture or here to see the picture in all its glory!

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Posted by James on 4th November 2011

Wisley Photodump

I’ve been a bit slack on the photo front this year, time constraints mixed with equipment problems combined with a lack of money means it’s been hard to find the motivation. Also I can’t stand sitting in front of a computer when there’s more interesting things to be done. Anyhow, there’s been some good riding going on down wisley this year, when its been dry at least, so here’s some shots I’ve taken between may and now. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more on it now the gear problems are sorted. We shall see…

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Posted by Gareth on 28th August 2011

Barendbmx – Tip One Out

Its Sunday so what better then to watch some oldschool bmx. BarEnd are some trails in Winchester, Hampshire. They have been around for along time, a  lot of work has gone into these, dug from chalky soil. This is the third barendbmx.co.uk video was released 2006.

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Posted by James on 28th August 2011

Jimmys Trails Progress

Just checking out a couple of websites and came across some pictures of Jimmy’s Trails. Hes built this insane berm at the end that goes over vert, it looks awesome. hit the link below for more snaps.


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Posted by James on 4th May 2011

Jimmys secret identity


Digs pointed me in the direction of this, I’m glad he did!

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Posted by Gareth on 4th December 2009


Good sessions still going on down the trails even though it’s getting a little chilly. The leaves are going a real rad colour, I like this time of year…

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Posted by Gareth on 18th October 2009


My updates are like buses, you wait ages for one for one, then two turn up at once, most likely on fire and full of drunk old people. I’ve never been too sure about shooting black and white on digi slrs, feels like a bit of a cheat, but hey, got bored so gave it a go. Also gave the camera to Digs for a bit so there’s the first photos of me in god knows how long.

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Posted by Gareth on 17th August 2009


Some shots from sessions up Wisley and a mini street ride in New Malden. As usual i’ve saved a couple for my portfolio site so check that out

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Posted by Gareth on 17th August 2009

Pump it up

As you may or may not know we’ve been building a pump track up Wisley while it’s been raining over the last few weeks. It’s pretty rad, and has this sweet hip in it that you can see in the photos below. Also went out for a street sesh with Dave Jake and Roscoe the other day so there’s some photos from that too. I’ve saved a few choice one to stick up on my site as well so check that out.

Don’t forget KOD this Sunday! Salt Club will be in full effect if people dont show!

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Posted by Gareth on 31st July 2009