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XC skatepark

Me, Gareth, nathan went to XC on friday and got some clips of the day and some bits and bobs of others riders in the skate park.

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Posted by BenK on 10th November 2012

Park and Trails Pics From Gareth Howell

Gareth has been updating his portfolio site recently. He’s been putting pics up from Playstation (Bay66) and trails from around the South West. Check a few of the below but check out more from his site at:

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Posted by James on 18th January 2012

Wisley Photodump

I’ve been a bit slack on the photo front this year, time constraints mixed with equipment problems combined with a lack of money means it’s been hard to find the motivation. Also I can’t stand sitting in front of a computer when there’s more interesting things to be done. Anyhow, there’s been some good riding going on down wisley this year, when its been dry at least, so here’s some shots I’ve taken between may and now. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more on it now the gear problems are sorted. We shall see…

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Posted by Gareth on 28th August 2011

Wisley trails Updates

Wisley trails.. what can i say.. other then a lots of work goes into these on a weekly basis like most trails. Gareth, Digs and crew tirelessly maintain build these day in day out and with the use of facebook Gareth updates people on the progress, you can now see these pictures on digitalbmx. Hit the image below to go the wisley updates page.

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Posted by James on 20th July 2011

Kings Field JumpBox

Just a couple of shots from kings field jump box, decided to shoot some pictures as my knee was all bust up.

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Posted by James on 3rd June 2011

Kingston BMX Scene on Vimeo

The Kingston BMX scene edit is now available on Vimeo, Youtube and MPORA.

A video of Kingston locals riding street in their home town. Riders include (in order of appearance): Lee Boyle, Sam Collisson, Kevin Sparrow, Ky Sproll, Mike Elsayed, Mike Loekito, Gareth Howell, Simon Brooks, Nathan Goring, James Hamilton-Martin, Dave Lipscombe, Eisa Bakos, Briggs, and Jake O’Shea.

Filmed and Edited: James Hamilton-Martin |
Music: Pretty Lights – Total Fascination

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Posted by James on 29th May 2011

Leftover Shots | RideBMX UK Scene Article

Right, its taken me a while to get this sorted, mostly because after being fucked over by Ride and only getting one page for the ktown scene rep I’ve been pretty bitter about the whole thing. Anyway, here’s some photos. hopefully get some hi-res up on my site when I get round to it.


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Posted by Gareth on 25th May 2011

Kingston BMX Scene Web Edit

To go with the recent Kingston RideUK article written and photographed by Gareth, I put together this Kingston Scene web edit. Ive been thinking about doing something like this for a while now and because of our local skatepark being rebuilt i thought it was a great opportunity to make a street edit of the Kingston locals. Thanks to everyone who has worked hard to get clips in the small time-frame, enjoy. James

More BMX Videos

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Posted by James on 20th May 2011

Kingston Article in RideBMX Magazine

Ride has produced this months magazine filled with local scenes around the UK. Kingston was one of those scenes featured in the article. Check out what the article looks like and go and buy the mag. In stores on the 18th May! Kingston edit dropping soon.

Note: Pictures are low res because you should go and buy it to see it better!

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Posted by James on 17th May 2011

Jimmys Trails Progress

Just checking out a couple of websites and came across some pictures of Jimmy’s Trails. Hes built this insane berm at the end that goes over vert, it looks awesome. hit the link below for more snaps.

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Posted by James on 4th May 2011

Old Kingston Skatepark Edits

I think pretty much everyone had a love hate relationship with Kingston Skatepark, it was built in this carbon fiber plastic that you wouldn’t wish on any skatepark but seemed to be favorite with councils at that time. None the less, it was a skatepark, and it was our local so we made do. Some nice little edits came out of it and with that i put together a list of as many edits i could find of the old Kingston ramps. Check it out.

Kingston Skatepark 2006


Kingston Skate park//Sunday session//1st day testing Canon 7D


Kingston Skatepark Comp June 2009


Kingston Skatepark Comp April 2009


Charlie Gaps at Kingston


Crazy Mike goes swimming


Kingston Comp Raw Footage


July Summer


Lean Street Putting in Work


Lean Summer Edit


Kingston Summer Session


Kingston BMX comp Late Summer 2010

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Posted by James on 24th April 2011

Wisley Trails Photo Updates

Wisley is an ever growing maze of jumps. Its all down to the hard work of Gareth, Diggs and the locals down at Wisley Trails.

Gareth updates his facebook every now and again with the building progress down at Wisley, so i thought it would be a good idea to create a page dedicated to those photos. The page will be updated with progress photos every now and again so keep checking back!

Click HERE to view the new photo page or go to Photos > Wisley Trails Updates in the navigation above!

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Posted by James on 22nd March 2011