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Etnies – Chase Hawk

Its always good to see an edit from Chase Hawk, this is a long one but worth taking the time to watch it.. Even a mention about a new Etnies BMX Film! That would be awesome.

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Posted by James on 28th October 2013

Old Fools #3 – Ruben Alcantara in Etnies “forward”

I must admit i feel horrible to include this in my Old Fools post series. Not for the fact that it is bad by any means. More to the point that it makes me finally admit to myself that I am getting old.

So far I’ve posted clips from videos that I watched when I “felt” young, Being ripe and ready to get up straight away after falling down. To me even they feel a long time ago. But Etnies “forward” despite it being an old memory still doesn’t feel that old to me. It’s like those stupid posts that people put up on face like “OMG you know you’re old when Jurassic park came out 15 years ago” or some shit. Fuck off. Unfortunately this has become one of those things for me. ETNIES FORWARD came out over 10 years ago now. Fuck.

This video to me is the pinnacle of “mid skool” bmx. Sure, we’ve all got “criminal mischief” and “search and destroy”. Those videos hold ultimate glory on the shelves of any self respecting bmx stunter. Etnies “forward” however brought a whole new level of production to the bmx video world. Super 8mm,16mm film, fancy intro computer type that moved, music edited in time with the music. This put a whole new look into bmx media that i dont think had happened before. Could this be the first big production bmx video? I mean christ, Rooftop back flips over a fucking helicopter for god’s sake. (I am not counting RAD in this ramble)

We all owe Dave Parrick Muchos respect and high regard to his consistency in producing amazing videos. This video had it all, quite possibly the best bmx team in the world at the time, an amazing soundtrack that boasted no grime, “shooting N****s”,”smacking bitches” or nu metal. Diversity was in full effect all round.

I have no idea where i am going with this now but all i can do is leave you with one of the most infamous sections in bmx video history to date. This section is why you know the name RUBEN ALCANTARA. Thanks you Dave Parrick.


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Posted by Al Bailey on 4th April 2013

Tom Dugan – Full Throttle

Woah.. everything in this it huge!.. doesn’t need a soundtrack

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Posted by James on 9th April 2012

Smoking The Bowl

we celebrated completion of our new bowl with a little party, featuring riders from Mutiny Bikes, Terrible One, Etnies, and Empire BMX. filmed by Ryan Navazio and Joe Simon. edited by Joe Simon. thanks Corrigan and crew!

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Posted by James on 23rd March 2012

Etnies Russia Welcome Edit

Such a great edit!

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Posted by Mike on 14th March 2012

Nathan Williams Monster Energy

Its been out one day and already has 34k views. With that knowledge alone you should watch this!

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Posted by James on 7th March 2012

Nathan Williams – Introducing the etnies Brake

This is soo good, love watching edits with Nathan in, his moves on street are just amazing!

The Brake is a cupsole shoe that features more durable rubber on the toe and heel area to endure the rigors of using your foot as a brake on the tire. The BMX-inspired outsole features a herringbone step pattern designed to grip pedals, but also release when needed without tearing. A denser EVA shank in the midsole arch provides extra protection and stability from the pedals without sacrificing pedal feel, while softer EVA on the toe and heel provide extra flexibility and overall comfort.

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Posted by James on 20th February 2012

A Week With Sergio Layos

Always good to see an edit with Sergio in, you know there is going to be style for miles.

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Posted by James on 10th February 2012

Roy van Kempen | Orange Juice

Roy van Kempen hits up a park for two days for a We Are Orange Juice Shirt Promo.

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Posted by James on 21st January 2012

Bruno Hoffmann and Dennis Kicza | Cologne

Quick session at Cologne’s new indoor park.

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Posted by James on 30th December 2011

Luc Legrand Soul bmx Cover Trick

This is really cool, super long curved wallride. Its been done before by Ryan Sher but this is still awesome!

Etnies rider Luc Legrand scored the Soul bmx cover with this crazy trik

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Posted by James on 22nd December 2011

Etnies Welcomes Corey Martinez

Woah! This edit is totally worth your time, Corey goes all out on some huge rails and sweet street spots in this Etnies street edit.

Better Late Then Never etnies Welcomes Corey Martinez!

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Posted by James on 18th November 2011