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Pat Casey – The Hunt 2012

This is the Pat Casey’s section from the DVD The HUNT 2012. Filmed, edited & Directed by JC Pieri

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Posted by James on 2nd July 2013

Corey Martinez This Is United

Happy Friday everyone! Check out this one from untiedbikeco: “Here it is, Corey Martinez and the last part in This Is United. This section went on to win video part of the year at the Nora Cup, and with good reason. Sit back and take in the double song, 7 minutes of epic-ness.”

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Posted by James on 7th December 2012

Pretty Sweet Trailer

If you are into bmxing then you will probably still be interested in this trailer. its nothing to do with bmx but its well worth your time. Looks like the video will be awesome!

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Posted by James on 6th December 2012


Deluxe’s new dvd is out now , the last one was awesome too with plenty of local uk trails spots, thats all online now so check it out.

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Posted by Greg on 18th July 2012

Trails of Time

Pretty epic trails in this. 100% trails action from “Trails of Time” Section from Time Will Tell DVD (2011) by Elliot Van Orman

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Posted by James on 6th July 2012

FITBIKECO. Mike Aitken – Fit Life

Street and trails.. all smooth

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Posted by James on 22nd June 2012

RTRBTN 2.5: Worst Case Scenario (Released circa 2008)

The final RTRBTN video offering, RTRBTN 2.5 comprises of the footage we were initially collecting for RTRBTN3 between 2006-2008. We ultimately decided to just release it online, hence the title ‘Worst Case Scenario.’ RTRBTN 2.5 ‘Special Edition’ was also released on hand numbered DVDs which contained crashes, the trailer, (made at which point the video was to be called RTRBTN 3), Dean Bishop’s Rap School featurette, a remix of highlights of the previous 2005 RTRBTN DVD, The Secret’, The 2006 B Footage Download Remix (which can be found on YouTube) and a Tommy Boyd memorial section, as Tom tragically passed away shortly after the online release.

RTRBTN 2.5 is still one of my favourite videos, and reminds me of all the great times that the crew spent together around the UK between Fareham, Portsmouth, Eastbourne, Leeds, Doncaster and Newcastle during that time. Sometimes it’s only when something is over when you realise how f*cking awesome it actually was…A huge belated thanks to all involved, especially all of the original Fareham residents.

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Posted by James on 21st June 2012

Road Fools 10 – Full Video

Sit down with a cup of tea and check this out!

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Posted by James on 21st May 2012

This Is United: Jimmy Rushmore Full Video Part HD

Love the United stuff

It only seemed fitting to upload Jimmy Rushmore’s section from This Is United this week, especially after being officially added to the United pro team by Corey Martinez and a cake to the face.

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Posted by James on 4th May 2012

The Hunt – Mike King

Nice edit from Mike King that featured in The Hunt DVD

A short video with the aim of capturing the good times my bike has brought me over the summer.
Filmed amongst my closest friends and other riders who share my passion of bike riding across England, Texas and France.
This is our life, and we love it.
‘Give me my fix…’

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Posted by James on 23rd April 2012

Anthony Pearson | The Hunt – Sean Pointing

Check out this awesome edit of Ant from the Hunt DVD, filmed by the man himself Sean Pointing

Ant went in hard filming for this part and I am stoked on the result and super stoked that it made it in the first HUNT DVD.

I hope you all enjoy


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Posted by James on 18th April 2012

Blazeguard – DVD Sampler

Another beautifully shot edit. This DVD will be out May 2012. really looking forward to it

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Posted by James on 10th April 2012