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Drew Bezanson Joyride 150

Drew has to be park rider of the year with this edit, so much skill. Drew is a solid park, dirt and street rider, its good to see a rider with a smile on his face every time he rides. Watch the Behind the Scenes Clip: http://youtu.be/8BLBzR8PLy4

Canadian BMX rider Drew Bezanson has lit up the Internet on several occasions with ground-breaking edits from his home park in Ontario, Joyride 150. This latest edit raises the bar again, with specially-built features allowing Bezanson to fully showcase his amazing skills.

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Posted by James on 14th June 2013

Skullcandy BMX – Island Fever

Damn that trip looked awesome. So much good riding in this. This is a must watch! Feat.: Drew Bezanson, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Rob Wise, Justin Kosman

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Posted by James on 21st December 2012

The Athlete Machine – Red Bull Kluge

Pretty cool to see all the Red bull athletes in one edit

Featuring: Sean MacCormac, Joey Brezinski, Rickie Fowler, Danny MacAskill, Ryan Sheckler, Drew Bezanson, Bryce Menzies, Rhys Millen, Robbie Maddison, Lolo Jones, Pat Moore

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Posted by James on 12th November 2012

DK: Drew Bezanson End of Summer

Always enjoy watching Drew ride. Here’s a end of summer edit filmed by Mike King.

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Posted by James on 5th November 2012

2012 X-Games BMX Park HD

If you like Comp runs, here is an hour and a half of Xgames 2012 bmx runs. Feat.: Scotty Cranmer, Ryan Nyquist, Drew Bezanson, Brett Banasiewicz, Pat Casey, Kyle Baldock, Gary Young, Daniel Sandoval, Chase Hawk, Daniel Dhers

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Posted by James on 1st November 2012

X-Games 2012 – Super Park Highlights

X Games 2012: Super Park Highlights – More BMX Videos

Scotty Cranmer, Ryan Nyquist, Pat Casey, Daniel Dhers, Drew Bezanson, Gary Young, Ben Hennon, and more give the giant concrete monster all they have to offer. Credit: Vital BMX

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Posted by James on 4th July 2012

Red Bull Ride and Seek

Follow the Ride and Seek crew from Houston to Dallas as they destroy everything in their path, from the streets to the trails and even the wakeboard park.
Corey Martinez and Tony Neyer seek out street spots along the way, while Aaron Ross, Corey Bohan and Drew Bezanson hit the trails in Houston. The crew even meets up with pro wakeboarder JD Webb in Dallas for a wakeboard session. This heavy crew takes care of business no matter where they end up. Expect the unexpected!

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Posted by James on 10th May 2012

DK Bicycles – Ohio to Austin

Join DK Bicycles’ Brain Hunt, Chris Childs, Drew Bezanson and Anthony Watkinson on a two week trip from Ohio down to the BMX Mecca of Austin, Texas.
Follow the team for a week on the road exploring Ohio, Arkansas, Kentucky and Texas, before meeting up with Drew in Austin and spending a week there.

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Posted by James on 2nd May 2012

Simple Session 2012 – Seventies

Mike put together this nice little edit from Simpel Session

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Posted by James on 4th April 2012

Simple Session 2012 Qualifying

2012 Simple Session: Qualifying – More BMX Videos

Just madness.. wait till the final…

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Posted by James on 1st April 2012

Drew Bezanson Bezangers

This past weekend was the annual Toronto BMX Jam, and DK’s Drew Bezanson, henceforth known as “The Great Uniter” in BMX, basically rewrote the rulebook on contest wallrides once written by T-1’s Ruben Alcantara a decade ago. With the help of BMXFU’s Charlie Crumlish in the crowd, we’re proud to showcase some of the better angles of the absolute insanity that Drew brought to the Toronto BMX Jam, featuring guest appearance from Broc Raiford, Mike Fede and Darryl Nau. We’ll have a more comprehensive recap video up tomorrow, but for now, we introduce Drew.0’s new perspective on airing a spine with inspiration from Spiderman. Video by Charlie Crumlish.

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Posted by James on 6th March 2012

Toronto BMX Jam Pro Finals

Some amateur footage from the Pro Finals at the Toronto Jam.. in all its crazyness!

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Posted by James on 6th March 2012