Deeside Leisure Centre | Wales Skatepark -
Posted by James on 20th January 2012

Deeside Leisure Centre | Wales Skatepark

Wales have completed this new huge Deeside Leisure Centre Skatepark in Queensferry. Its pretty far for me but seems like it would be a worth while trip.

Opening date is not yet offically been confirmed but rumours are that it will be open on the 16th of january 2012. Prices from what we have been told will be as follows: 3 hours = £6 / Full Session = £12  Monthly Membership = £24 for unlimted access, a £2 joining fee will apply to all new skaters and also everyone will have to sign a disclaimer



  • At 2012.01.20 09:53, Paul said:

    First thanks for spreading the word about my post secondly would like to let everybody know that the park is now open and for this week and next week session times are 1-4pm 4-7 pm hopefully there will be more sessions after this two week period is over they are looking for sessions starting at 10 am and close at 10 pm so will be pretty decent if ya can get down during school hours :-)

    • At 2012.01.20 10:30, James said:

      Sweet man, thanks for the extra info!

    • At 2012.02.13 19:51, bob stretmaning said:

      thanks you legend

      • At 2012.03.09 22:18, ross said:

        Sick i went there with friends real good

        • At 2012.03.17 13:19, ross said:

          really good go with friend or you will get bored

          • At 2012.03.29 10:25, duane pritchard said:

            it is mint went last sunday

          • At 2012.03.29 10:24, duane pritchard said:

            this skate park is sick man been wid me mates awsome people

            • At 2012.05.03 13:44, callum jones said:

              that look s pretty cool maybe ride it some time

              • At 2012.06.05 11:46, scooter and bmx said:

                is it onley fore bmx

                • At 2012.06.30 18:58, scooter fags said:

                  no scooters allowed.

                • At 2012.10.03 15:51, Rachel said:

                  Hi there,
                  Want to take my boys this weekend (sat morning 10am ish). Do we have to book in for a session or can we just turn up?????

                  • At 2013.01.12 19:45, yvonne said:

                    hi was just wondering if this is open 2 the puplic or do u have 2 b a member as i want 2 bring my boys there well they will b coming with their dad while myself nd our daughter r at the ice rink x

                    • At 2013.06.05 09:17, becca said:

                      hi i was wondering id love to go to a skate park and id love to take my own friends and with the session but how can get there

                      • At 2013.06.26 06:52, Tom said:

                        hi, im going to deeside soon but im not sure when the best time is, any recommendations ??

                        • At 2013.10.08 20:55, kevin thompson said:

                          can you send me info on kids party’s please?

                          • At 2013.10.08 20:57, kevin thompson said:

                            can you send me party info please for my son and his freinds.

                            • At 2013.10.23 09:29, Anonymous said:

                              Awesome went yesterday going back to day

                              • At 2013.12.27 19:39, Anonymous said:

                                Will it e ppe 28 th 2013 December

                                • At 2014.03.07 23:01, jason said:

                                  i was wondering if you have to have parents concent if you are 14? because i was planning om going to the skate park in about a month and i would like to know if they would let me in without parents permission or signiture?

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