Kings Field Skatepark Forms -
Posted by James on 4th August 2011

Kings Field Skatepark Forms

Word from Kcafe.. not sure why they need to be in by Aug 5th:

Everyone under 16 needs to get their parents sign the form and then bring it back to Kcafe with a passport sized photo. Over 16s can sign it themselves.

Return the completed form to the Kcafe and pay the one off fee of £5.00 for access to skate park for life.

DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE >>>>> KingsfieldSKPForm.pdf <<<<<


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    • At 2013.06.08 08:31, oliver said:

      i cant download it, it says 404 found error and yeah cant download the forms

    • At 2013.06.30 18:32, oscar said:

      errorrr, why cant i download this plz help

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