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Posted by James on 28th December 2008


Nathan Goring

Here are some photos Ben K did for college

Oxford Skatepark

It looks like the scene in Oxford are doing it right by not allowing scooters into the park. Seems like this will be the first park to have something like this enforced. Check out their site for more information

Alone Sporks

4130 Cromo - Post weld Heat Treated Steer Tube 1pc Machined with built in lower bearing race 45 deg 165mm Steer Tube Length. Top Bolt 7075 Aluminium -M25 Tread. Alone Logo Fork Legs Tapered 28.6mm to 22.2mm Triple Butted thickness 5mm Thick Peg Friendly Clearence Dropouts Lazer Cut -Engraved \"SP\" Logo 30mm Wheel Offset Fat Front Tyre Clearance Weight: 1.88lbs

First Ride Bletchingley

Had a little ride at the new Bletchingley park today. Its an awesome ramp, here are some random pictures from it

Bletchingley Ramp Build

So the new Bletchingley ramp is being put up. Looking awesome so far, cant wait to ride it!

BMX Olympics

There has been a lot of news coming to light recently that BMX was going to feature a part in the London Olympics opening Ceremony. Sadly the Olympic comity cut the Olympic Ceremony time, from what I have heard it was to ensure that people could get home in time via public transport.

Sam Collisson Edit Grabs

Thought I would post a couple of shots from the recent edit of Sam Collisson

Guildford Rebuild

Guildford skatepark is getting a brand new concrete skateparks in the same location as the old one. The new park will be concrete and from the looks of the plans it will be a pretty good layout. I thought it would be useful to collect all the pictures of the progress here. I will update it as more come in. For now, its looking like its all going pretty well.

Kingston April Snaps

Finally got a break in the weather to get a few snaps from a kingston session.

Upton Zeal Trip

As Sean\'s edit came out from the Upton trip i thought it was about time to upload the pictures from the our time in Upton. Nothing crazy just a group of friends having fun. Everything is taken seriously!

Bletchingley Skatepark Plans

Bletchingley Skatepark Plans

Kingston Park Snaps

Gareth Shots Jan 2012

Gareth has been updating is portfolio iste recently. hes been puting pics up from Playstation (Bay66) and trails from around the South West. Check a few of the bellow but check oput more from his histe at:

Kingston Park Dec

Kingston park on a cold December

Fit Aitken S4

New Fit Aitken S4 Frame

Teddington Lock End of Summer 2011

Bunch of shots from teddington lock on a weekend in the october heat wave.

Alone Girls

So Alone have just finished printing a batch of their new t-shirts. See some of them below. Hit the link to see more!

Wisley mid 2011

Etnies Giveaway

On 11th August, the Etnies team came to Kingston as part of their European tour. After a signing at the Etnies store on Fife Road, the team headed to Kings Field to give the crowd a demo of their moves. Despite the rain at the start of the day, we were treated to an awesome show of professional tricks. Enjoy the edit:

Teddington Lock Trails Progressions

Trails update photos of the current state of the Lock! the 1st on the main line has now been made and is rideable. the small new berm and hip line off the middle line is now complete also.

New Horsham Skatepark Rebuild

Horsham Skatepark has recently been rebuilt and should be ready to ride very soon. Ramps are built by 9c ramps. If you want to follow their progress hit them up on their FB group.

Amsterdam Skatepark

Whilst i was looking around the various bars Amsterdam has to offer i came across this massive factory that had a sign saying \"skatepark\" .. i thought why not check it out, sadly i didn\'t have my bike with me but the skatepark looked pretty fun. it was randomly suspended in an huge warehouse. Check the pictures to see for yourself.

Kingston BMX Scene Edit Grabs

Here are a couple of shots from the Kingston Edit that i thought some people might like. You can also get them on my flickr:

Kings Field Jump Box

Just a couple of shots from kings field jump box, decided to shoot some pictures as my knee was all bust up.

Kings Field Skatepark | Overview

Kings Field Skatepark located on the outskirts of Kingston has been a project running for a long time. A lot of the locals have waited for this day for several years (probably from the start the plastic ramps were put in) But now thanks to some strong willed locals the park is open. I thought i would do one last post documenting the ramp setup. There are a lot of images in this final picture set but i thought it gives a good overview of the whole park.

Zeal at The Pool

BMX Scene | RideBMX Mag Article Leftovers

Right, its taken me a while to get this sorted, mostly because after being fucked over by Ride and only getting one page for the ktown scene rep I’ve been pretty bitter about the whole thing. Anyway, here’s some photos. hopefully get some hi-res up on my site when I get round to it.

Sunbury Cross Skatepark

Here are the final images from Sunbury Cross Skatepark. It opened the other week. There have been a few issues with someone getting hurt and its been shut down for a while whilst they sort out fencing and landscaping but it should be open by the time you read this. I manage to get a ride in the other week and its pretty fun for a little bit, ramps aren\'t big but good for a nibble.

Kingston in RideBMX Magazine Article

Ride has produced this months magazine filled with local scenes around the UK. Kingston was one of those scenes featured in the article. Check out what the article looks like and go and buy the mag. In stores on the 18th May! Kingston edit dropping soon.

Kings Field Skatepark First Weekend

Kings Field skatepark is now open. Here is a truck load of shots that went down over the weekend. Loads that didn’t get documented but more to come soon!

Sunbury Cross Construction | Set 3 | 1st May

A couple of snaps from the recent construction at Sunbury Cross

Kings Field Construction | Set8 | May 1st

Some shot of the almost complete kings field skatepark. Not long now. Looks good.. but how will it ride…

Name and Shame

Its unbelievable. Even after the statement below was put out.. i guess some people are selfish, any ideas who these people are? Note how its all skaters…. “Guys, whoever is entering and using the skate park, please STOP. Because by doing so you are in breach of contruction site rules and could be ruining the new surface. Please RESPECT the site and wait untill the opening, 14th of May!”

Kings Field Construction | Set7 | April 20th

Its Thursday morning and its time for another Kingsfield Skatepark Update. I swear this has to be the most extensively photographed skatepark builds ever. Myself and Sam had a look round and it looks awesome, the lines look sweet and stuff is getting called already.

Kings Field Construction | Set6 | April 15th

Went down yesterday to check out the progression of the park construction. Spoke to a guy working on it called Phil, he reckon about 2 weeks and it should all be done, pretty exciting stuff. All transitions done just the flat bottoms need to be filled in. boom!

Sunbury Cross Construction | Set 2

Went to check out progress at the new Sunbury Cross build.

Wisley 2011 - First Ride

Got the camera out down the trails for the first time this year, second weekends riding. Still a lot of work to do but we’re getting there. Whats running is running sweet as hell. Fuck yeah.

Sam Gets a Swellbow

Not one of the most exciting updates ever, but thought it\'s funny to see sam with a beast of a swellbow. He went through a lot to get this trick pulled.

Kings Field Construction | Set5 | April 4th

Works going pretty quickly down at Kings Field park. I managed to grab some pictures of the construction work at the weekend. Probably the biggest album I\'ve uploaded but I tried to get as much of the park in the pics as I could.

Kings Field Construction | Set4 | April 1st

The concrete is finally going in and its all looking promising. Sam provides some pics of the progress going on at Kings Field.

Kings Field Construction | Set3 | March 25th

A couple of shots Nathan took of the recent progress at Kingsfield skatepark

Kings Field iPhone Pics | Set 2 | March 14th

I also took some pictures of the progress the other day down at Kings Field. Here is a set from a different angle.

Kings Field iPhone Pics | Set 1 | March 14th

Just after work i popped into the to see whats been done and it seems like they’ve been busy. Sorry about the quality and angles, I only had my Iphone.

Rider Spotlight: Robert Brown

I met brownie about 5 years ago when i was at uni down Central Park (RIP). He\'s one of these riders that will just cruise about and then suddenly throw in a huge trick out of nowhere with little effort. Riding ability goes farther then just the park, it transfers to trails and street with the same smooth style. Now Plymouth has a indoor park you should be seeing more from this guy in the future.

Sam Collisson Home Alone Setup

Spent the evening down Recycles Bike shop building up Sam\'s new frame, only took 7 people 3 hours to do it.. drink and power tools were involved. But the complete bike turned out pretty sweet. Didn\'t take any pro pics as i was doing more video but check out a couple of shots of Sam\'s new whip... bike build setup edit coming soon!

Kings Field Construction

The start of the new Kings Field Skatepark

Alone Comp

Entry for best picture judge it how you will, if you comment on this picture its classed as 1, only one comment per person = 1 point

Team Digitalbmx

A few pics of the digitalbmx team

Alone Products

New Alone Products

Kingsfield Plans

Kingston skatepark plans

Random Pics

Just a couple of pics i had from recent weeks..

Kingston Night Ride

Well the plan was to hit up Woking (sorry guys) on the Friday night but because of classic English weather it ended as a street ride in Kingston.. the usual for one of these sessions is nothing goes down with a little bit of nibbling, but this time was different. Lots of stuff got filmed and some bangers were dropped. Got some good footage using my new light so pretty pleased with the result. Check out the random pics from the evening.

Kingston Depressing Pics

Went to check out what was going on at kingston yesterday, the answer is not much. They have taken down all the transitions so only the frames remain. Apparently construction is going to start December, more news on that soon!

Plymouth Trip Oct

Last weekend i did a long weekend in Plymouth to visit all the locals, the idea was to make a little web edit of different spots in Plymouth. Got some good clips so hopefully be putting that up soon, but for now here are some pictures from the trip. Sorry no riding ones.. was busy filming to take riding pics.

Kingston Refurb

Kingston skatepark shell in the winter 2010

Bowlworth at night

Woking Oct

Just a couple of woking shots

Street Ride Sutton

Had a good filming sesh with Sam, Kai and Lee. Got some filming bit done and everyone managed to take it on a rail. Awesome. Here are some pics from the ride.. not mcuh riding but you get the idea. Clips are going into a edit soon!

Weekend With Greg

Four day BMX sesh with Greg

Odds and ends

bits and bobs from when the site was down and stuff I\'ve found from a while back.

Plymouth May Weekend

Pretty lucky with the weather this weekend down in Plymouth, got a bit of riding in which is unusual but as i was staying in a BMX house it was inevitable. Got to visit 6 different skateparks, Prime Deluxe, Saltmill, Taunton, The Track (not really a skatepark), Newquay, and Cambourne.

Molesey Skatepark Plans

Looks like the Molesey plans for a new skatepark are moving ahead nicely with a design from Maverick. Looks good but again there is definitely going to be an issue with the size of ramps. Looks quite mellow in these plans, but its good to see something going ahead. Seems like the highest quater is 1500mm high.. which is 1.5 meters.. not big at all!

Woking Scene

Lots of pictures of the the Woking locals

Woking In The Sun

Hottest day of the year? Has to be.. i\'m nicely burnt and got a couple of pics from the session down Woking.

Prime Skatepark

Kinda of a duplicate post but as the other one got wiped i thought i would put up some more pictures from the newly built Prime Skatepark, cant wait to ride this place next week.

Wisley Digging

Winter Digging pictures from Wisley

Kings Field Skatepark Plans

Several companies submitted plans for the new Kings Field skatepark. Here are the designs that were submitted. (Not Final)

Tunnel sesh

rainy day ride at the tunnel

Iphone awesomeness

random dump of iphone photos. Haha I typed dump!

Bike for saaaaaaleee

Bike for Sale

Cold Nov Woking

A very cold November sesh down Woking Skatepark

Reader Upload

Images that people have uploaded. Use the form above to upload yours...


Good sessions still going on down the trails even though it’s getting a little chilly. The leaves are going a real rad colour, I like this time of year…


2 Pics from my last visit to crawley

Woking and Other

Woking pictures and others

Dirt roadtrip 08

The Dirt trails roadtrip has become something of a annual tradition now. I've just come back from this years, which was awesome, and coincidentally the article from last years has just come out in the mag. It ended up being super late for a lot of reasons, but I think it turned out pretty sweet, so check that out. Here are the photos that didn't end up in the article.

Wisley Jam

Wisley Jam 2009. Was good to get along and see a lot of people i haven't seen in ages!!! Trails were looking sick as always ......

Dead batteries

Well after 3 weeks of not using my camera , i found out that my flash gun was as flat as kate moss’s chest!


Borrowed my mates dads 10 – 22mm lens for the night …. Not been in the country much but here is a few shots


Wisley sans colour

Wisley Trails and New Malden Street

Some shots from Wisley and street in New Malden

Pump Tracks, and some Street

Photos from Wisleys new pump track, and a street session in Ktown

Woking Locals Sesh

Sesh down Woking skatepark with Ollie Cronan, Ben Wilson, Ben Harvey and more

Trails and Homos

Trails sesh

Woking Sesh

Couple of pictures before it rained of Ben and Myself

Another night in Crawley

A couple of pictures from Crawly Park.

Trails Park And Street

Some random pictures, 3 trails, 3 park and 3 street. Pictures where i decided to top heads off. Trails pics by Lee

Ktown Comp June 09

As you probably know Saturday was the latest comp at Kingston Skatepark, sweet weather, good turnout, goodtimes. Sam won it, Rory 2nd and Jake 3rd. Everyone rode good though. The under 18’s have noticeably improved since the last one, good work kiddies. Heres some photos, apologies for them being a bit shit, I was judging as well and its hard with a pen and paper in the other hand trying to take notes!

Croydon Boys

Evening session at the Man-O-War trails !

Random Selection 01

A couple of pictures from back in the day. Riders: Briggs, Dave, James, Sam, Jimmy

Job Centre Rail

Street session with Jake and Sam

Just Savage

Days riding with Ben Savage

Sunny Days

Crawly skatepark session


session at 4a trails

Kingston Park Sunday Sesh

A few shots down Kingston Skatepark. Riders: James, Sam and Dave. Pics By Mike

Toms Turndown\'s

A couple of turndowns from Tom at the trails

Timmys and Hills

Some pics from Hills and Timmys Trails

Crawley Session

Few shots taken the other night

Random Pics May 09

Some random pictures that don't really go anywhere. Many of them people just chilling and Teddington Lock trails sesh.

The Track

First annual Track invitiational in Portreath

Trails May 09

Some photos from sessions at Jims trails and Wisley over the last week or so

Crawley Photos

Got another new flash gun so i thought i would try it out !

Ed Murray Collection

A Collection of photos from Ed Murray. Areas of Guildford, Ashtead, and Leatherhead. With Jimmy, Lee, Mike and Ed

Mount Hawke Jam 09

A couple of months ago Mount Hawke had a BMX jam, i didnt go myself but i know a fair few people who went and apparently a lot of crazyness went down. Here are some pics that Lee Martin kindly set over.

Woking Horsham

A couple of pictures from Woking and a night session at Horsham

Woking Park

Saturday at Woking park with Sam, Jake and Mullet

More Wisley

Another Wisely Sesh in the sun

Wisley 20.04.09

Wisley Trails

Kton comp spring 09

Kingston Skatepark Comp.. 1st Place Slam Collision!

Random iPhone Pics

I take loads of random photos on my phone. Here is a selection of them.. Enjoy!

Trails 04/09


Bletchingley Photoshoot

A skatepark shoot that happened totally by accident. Random model turned up at the park.. we were obviously more interesting to take pictures of!

Bletchingley Bank Holiday

Bank Holiday Monday Sesh!!!


Street, Skatepark and trails.. great

Wisley march 09

Wisley Action, Seb, Jimmy and Cullis

Kingston March 09

Bletchingley Skatepark overview and a Kingston park session

Sam Rail Sesh

Secret ultimate rails spot that Sam destroyed as soon as it got built!

Wisley spring

Wisley Spring session with Jimmy, Phil, Precum and Tim

Playstation / Bay 66

Playstation / Bay 66 session with the zeal team

Three Parks One Day

Woking Park x2 and Cobham Skatepark

Kingston Dave 3Pics

Three pictures from a little session down kingston


Night ride at Bowlworth with Briggs, Bellerby, Jimmy, Simon and Gareth

Guildford Feb

Guildford skatepark with Kev, Timmy, Bel and whips

Isaac Lesser Pics

Selection of some of Isaacs best pics

Back In The Day

Some photos from back in the day

Dream Park

A park in CAD to show what happens when you dream


Trails Session with Dayson, Seb, Rob, Gareth, Jimmy, Olly. ALso so park bits with Si

Bowlworth Night

Nightime ride with Simon and James

Kingston Park Petition Sign

Little Kingston Skatepark session with Joe, Kev and other Kingston Locals

Skaterham Feb

Skaterham Night, lots of banggers

Snow day

Snow in the UK unheard of until now.. snowboarding sesh on telegraph hill!!

Random Ktown Park

Three pics from kingston after a meeting about park plans


Bomber trails with Ben, Rob and Si

Corby Skatepark

Take a day off work and go up north to corby. With Gareth, James, Si, Dave and a cracked frame.. damn


Skaterham session with some serious vert riding

Kingston Park Rebuild

Kingston skatepark Plans for the New park

Happy New Year

A new year and a new site. Some pictures of trails to start it all off.. winter riding style

Kingston New Year

Some pictures of Kingston on a cold day at the park


Some pictures that don't go anywhere.

Chrimbo sessions

Trails with Jimmy, Rob and Smithy

Ghetto Ramps 08

Ghetto Ramps on a wet day in Surrey..

Chertsey Jam 08

Few shots from Chertsey Jam a while back now. Had to wait to see what Ride were running before I could put the un-used ones up. Here they are. - G

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