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Posted by James on 21st August 2014

Seb Yates – All Trails 2014

We have finish our all trails edit of Deluxe BMX rider Seb Yates. For this edit we travelled to lots of different trail spots including.. Wisley, Eurocamp, La Poma, Barcelona, John Pound, Leatherhead, and Chertsey.

Posted by James on 1st June 2014

Chase Hawk in Austin – Oakley

I mean.. Chase Hawk.. and Joe Simon.. You know its going to be good. beautifully filmed and edited. Feast your eyes!

Posted by James on 28th November 2013

Pastranaland – Game On

I think we would all like to go to Pastranaland. Travis Pastrana has so much fun.

Posted by James on 28th October 2013

Cristian Torres Bonafe ‘BONAROLL’ Cashroll Tailwhip

Cristian Torres Bonafe with apparently the first Cashroll Tailwhip on dirt. It’s a pretty crazy trick even if you don’t think its a cashroll tailwhip, so much spinning. I had to keep pausing it to see the rotation he was doing. BMX progress is awesome to see in any case!

source: shockmansion

Posted by James on 22nd September 2013

Kyle Davenport Mutiny Bikes

Meet Kyle Davenport. He honed his skills at the now defunct Ramp Ranch park just outside of Austin, Texas and is now tearing up whatever is in his path. Check out Ride UK magazine #180 for a full interview with Kyle which was shot while filming for this very edit.

Posted by James on 2nd September 2013

Fids Riding Epsom Trails

Good to see Fids still riding, and from the looks of it Epsom Trails are still looking amazing

Posted by James on 13th June 2013

Chris Nunn – Leftovers

Its always good to see some clips from Chris Nunn. Here is a load of raw footage that he had left over, and put together in this nice edit.. pretty good clips to be leftover

Posted by James on 10th May 2013

Martin Capek – Drift HD Ghost

Martin rides some fun looking trails at La Poma Bikepark, in this edit for the Drift HD Ghost.. which I have never heard of before, but looks pretty solid.

Posted by James on 8th May 2013

Karl Feix and Sven Hackett – Trails Brothers

Karl Feix and Sven Hackett rip it up in this trails edit from

Posted by James on 19th April 2013

X Games Dirt 2013 in Brazil Preview


A nice little preview of what the X Games dirt will look like this year. TJ Ellis does a quick run through the trails

Posted by James on 16th April 2013

Jaie Toohey, Cam White & Jed Mildon | Unit Trails Session

Woah! so much awesome riding in this edit. Even if you only like skateparks this will open your eyes, some huge jumps and big tricks from Jaie Toohey, Cam White & Jed Mildon

Posted by Al Bailey on 4th April 2013

Old Fools #3 – Ruben Alcantara in Etnies “forward”

I must admit i feel horrible to include this in my Old Fools post series. Not for the fact that it is bad by any means. More to the point that it makes me finally admit to myself that I am getting old.

So far I’ve posted clips from videos that I watched when I “felt” young, Being ripe and ready to get up straight away after falling down. To me even they feel a long time ago. But Etnies “forward” despite it being an old memory still doesn’t feel that old to me. It’s like those stupid posts that people put up on face like “OMG you know you’re old when Jurassic park came out 15 years ago” or some shit. Fuck off. Unfortunately this has become one of those things for me. ETNIES FORWARD came out over 10 years ago now. Fuck.

This video to me is the pinnacle of “mid skool” bmx. Sure, we’ve all got “criminal mischief” and “search and destroy”. Those videos hold ultimate glory on the shelves of any self respecting bmx stunter. Etnies “forward” however brought a whole new level of production to the bmx video world. Super 8mm,16mm film, fancy intro computer type that moved, music edited in time with the music. This put a whole new look into bmx media that i dont think had happened before. Could this be the first big production bmx video? I mean christ, Rooftop back flips over a fucking helicopter for god’s sake. (I am not counting RAD in this ramble)

We all owe Dave Parrick Muchos respect and high regard to his consistency in producing amazing videos. This video had it all, quite possibly the best bmx team in the world at the time, an amazing soundtrack that boasted no grime, “shooting N****s”,”smacking bitches” or nu metal. Diversity was in full effect all round.

I have no idea where i am going with this now but all i can do is leave you with one of the most infamous sections in bmx video history to date. This section is why you know the name RUBEN ALCANTARA. Thanks you Dave Parrick.