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Posted by James on 13th June 2013

Tommy Dugan: Empire – Bad Idea

High speed, big air, big fun and non-stop jammin’. This is the last of the ‘Bad Idea’ sections to be uploaded… Thanks to Dave Parrick for pulling it off. Better late than never.

Posted by James on 7th April 2013

Rudimental – Waiting All Night feat. Ella Eyre (Official Video)

This video is so epic, epic in the way of the amount that Kurt Yaeger went through. I really cant imagine how upsetting it would be when he woke up! Hopefully we will never have that happen to us but at least he had his friends with him every step of the way!

The official video for ‘Waiting All Night’ is the inspirational true life-story of San Francisco born BMX champion and actor – Kurt Yaeger, who became an amputee after an accident in 2006.
All the characters in the clip are pro bmx’ers and the real friends of Kurt.

Waiting All Night feat Ella Eyre is out April 14th, pre-order here: http://smarturl.it/WANep

Posted by Al Bailey on 4th April 2013

Old Fools #3 – Ruben Alcantara in Etnies “forward”

I must admit i feel horrible to include this in my Old Fools post series. Not for the fact that it is bad by any means. More to the point that it makes me finally admit to myself that I am getting old.

So far I’ve posted clips from videos that I watched when I “felt” young, Being ripe and ready to get up straight away after falling down. To me even they feel a long time ago. But Etnies “forward” despite it being an old memory still doesn’t feel that old to me. It’s like those stupid posts that people put up on face like “OMG you know you’re old when Jurassic park came out 15 years ago” or some shit. Fuck off. Unfortunately this has become one of those things for me. ETNIES FORWARD came out over 10 years ago now. Fuck.

This video to me is the pinnacle of “mid skool” bmx. Sure, we’ve all got “criminal mischief” and “search and destroy”. Those videos hold ultimate glory on the shelves of any self respecting bmx stunter. Etnies “forward” however brought a whole new level of production to the bmx video world. Super 8mm,16mm film, fancy intro computer type that moved, music edited in time with the music. This put a whole new look into bmx media that i dont think had happened before. Could this be the first big production bmx video? I mean christ, Rooftop back flips over a fucking helicopter for god’s sake. (I am not counting RAD in this ramble)

We all owe Dave Parrick Muchos respect and high regard to his consistency in producing amazing videos. This video had it all, quite possibly the best bmx team in the world at the time, an amazing soundtrack that boasted no grime, “shooting N****s”,”smacking bitches” or nu metal. Diversity was in full effect all round.

I have no idea where i am going with this now but all i can do is leave you with one of the most infamous sections in bmx video history to date. This section is why you know the name RUBEN ALCANTARA. Thanks you Dave Parrick.


Posted by Al Bailey on 28th February 2013

Old Fools #2 – Brian Castillo in S&M Inferno

Back before Brian Castillo started VOLUME bikes he rode for S&M and featured in arguably one of the best bmx videos made in the 90’s, BMX INFERNO.

This video had it all, Sheep hills, Ice pick grinds(wtf!!), feeble to 180s and possibly one of the first grind to manual 180 lines ever put down for vhs in bmx history (someone call me out on this and find out who was first)

Brian Castillo was way ahead of his time, This part was filmed 18 years ago. While most of you were still swimming around in daddies junk box,Brain was out there riding the streets of California and killing it. Its hard to imagine now but this section really was a huge push for street riders back in the day. Not to mention a huge inspiration to everyone that watch it. Brain Castillo is a LEGEND. Everyone who rides now needs to watch this and give praise to the fact that he helped pave the way to all the ledges and half cabs your doing now. RESPECT.

Posted by James on 28th January 2013

Harry Mills – Verde BMX – Welcome to the Team

A nice welcome to the team edit filmed by Ryan Hallett. Harry Mills seems to have Central Park in Plymouth on lock down!

Posted by James on 11th December 2012

Martyn Tambling 2012

Martyn is awesome. Ryan does a great job on this edit! Was excited about this one!

“Originally we hoped to shoot this edit in around three months but this proved easier said then done; finding days where Martyn was free for exploring spots proved rather difficult in between being a husband, father, site foreman and TM for the Verde UK Team amongst other side projects he does. This alongside the atrocious British weather meant that this web edit took us a little over a year to complete.

Martyn likes to keep off the beaten track and seems to get a kick out of sneaking around in places we shouldn’t be; often a days riding can be as much about the adventuring and overcoming obstacles as it can be about the riding itself. This project saw us visit boat yards, drop slides, full pipes, reservoirs and more and some spots proved successful while others proved less productive. However every location included a sense of exploration and discovery and a hope of finding that hidden gem, hopefully this is just the start of many more adventures to come!”

Posted by James on 24th November 2012

Power Hour: Franny Wright

Power Hour: Franny Wright – More BMX Videos

Lots of crazy tricks in this. Must be something in the Liverpool water.. or an awesome indoor skatepark

Posted by James on 27th September 2012

Sam Collisson’s Fat Favourites

Check out our boy Sam Collisson’s Fat Favourites here: http://www.fatbmx.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=22468

Posted by James on 8th August 2012

Kye Forte, Breakfree (World Record BMX High Jump)

Kye Forte breaks a world record on a ramp built by Leo Forte

Posted by James on 13th June 2012

Kyle Baldock Life in the Circus


Catch all the behind the scenes action from the Nitro Circus Live Tour each week with ‘Life in the Circus’ This week we follow Australian BMX rider Kyle Baldock around on show day in Adelaide

Posted by James on 8th May 2012

Sam Collisson Web Edit

Filmed around the Surrey area, filming on the occasional weekend this edit has been a long time in the making. Riding for Alonebmx team, putting in the hours at the park and on the street this is what we came up with, Enjoy.

Posted by Mike on 15th March 2012

Try 110% or Fail Trying: Fighting words for Kyle Baldock

A great story of Kyle doing his thing and how his journey to become a great bmx rider.