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Posted by James on 30th May 2013

Monkey Light Pro

Very cool.. Monkey Light Pro lets you display graphics and animation on your bicycle wheels, and show them while you ride. You can check it out and support the project at

Posted by James on 24th April 2013

Super Tall Bike You Want to Try Out

Its bike related so its going up.. epic bike moves just to get through traffic from 14ft up.. you know you want a go..

Posted by James on 30th March 2013

Rudimental – Waiting All Night Feat. Ella Eyre

Bit of a BMX Drum and Bass clip for you. BMX seems to be featuring in their new music vid.. nice. Feat: Kurt Yaeger, Ryan Metro, Jimmy Levan, Jush Allen, Huy Doan, Aaron Nardi, Danny Downey

You can listen to a clip of it here:

Posted by James on 25th March 2013

The BikeSpike


This little device looks pretty cool, if you have the cash it might be quite useful for bike protection “The BikeSpike is a tracking solution that protects your bike and broadcasts your ride! Pledge a dollar for a holler or be one of the very first on Earth to Spike Your Bike. Support our Kickstarter now.”

See more here:

Posted by James on 24th January 2013

Emerald Demo Tape – Trailer

This looks like its going to be awesome. Filmed by Peter Adam so you know its going to be good! Featuring, Alex Glenn, Huberet Jankowski, Ryan Alward, John McVea, Peter Adam, Garth Crawford, Derek Johnson, John Wells and many more……

Posted by James on 6th December 2012

Pretty Sweet Trailer

If you are into bmxing then you will probably still be interested in this trailer. its nothing to do with bmx but its well worth your time. Looks like the video will be awesome!

Posted by James on 24th November 2012

Alonebmx Sporks Forks

I’ve been riding with the Sporks for about a week now and I have to say they are awesome, I know its hard to review forks but it seems like Alonebmx have done everything right. I’m pretty hard on bike parts and they are still running.. I know its only a week later, will update in a month or so. Forks have are co-created by Sean Pointing, he’s done a great job, nice looking, light and strong.. seriously.. what more could you want. Here some rubbish pics I took of them below.

4130 Cromo – Post weld Heat Treated Steer Tube 1pc Machined with built in lower bearing race 45 deg 165mm Steer Tube Length.
Top Bolt 7075 Aluminium -M25 Tread. Alone Logo
Fork Legs Tapered 28.6mm to 22.2mm
Triple Butted thickness
5mm Thick Peg Friendly Clearence Dropouts
Lazer Cut -Engraved “SP” Logo
30mm Wheel Offset
Fat Front Tyre Clearance
Weight: 1.88lbs

Find out more about alonebmx here:

Posted by James on 23rd November 2012

Cyclepassion Calendar 2013

Well.. its kind of to do with bmx.. Basically a Calendar of girls that are into bikes. At least there is one BMX girl in it.. Anneke Beerten

Kristina Vogel (DE) – TRACK
Sonya Looney (USA) – MTB
Anneke Beerten (NL) – BMX
Barbara Benkó (HU) РMTB
Julia Innerhofer – (IT) – MTB
Irina Kirchler – (AT) TRIATHLON
Nadine Rieder – (DE) – MTB

If you want, you can buy it here:

Posted by James on 12th November 2012

The Athlete Machine – Red Bull Kluge

Pretty cool to see all the Red bull athletes in one edit

Featuring: Sean MacCormac, Joey Brezinski, Rickie Fowler, Danny MacAskill, Ryan Sheckler, Drew Bezanson, Bryce Menzies, Rhys Millen, Robbie Maddison, Lolo Jones, Pat Moore

Posted by James on 18th October 2012

GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

This is a camera I will definitely be getting. Quality looks awesome, if its anything like the Hero2 it will be well worth it

Posted by James on 17th October 2012

Turbospoke – The Bicycle Exhaust System

I think the question is.. why WOULDN’T you buy it!

Posted by James on 12th October 2012

ZEAL at the Cycle Show

Here’s a little run down of the Zeal booth at the Cycle Show hosted by Zeal’s very own head honcho James Hitchcox. Running through some of the products that Zeal support and distribute.