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Posted by James on 24th September 2013

Dylan Lewis

Damn this kid goes high.. this is worth a watch, its not all about the big tricks! Filmed over the past 3-4 weekends.

Posted by James on 2nd September 2013

Bicycle Powered Tree House Elevator

This is brilliant, good way to get to your tree house!

I have built a tree house (though it is not finished yet) that is nearly 30 feet up a tree. I got tired of climbing a ladder six and a half million times a day, so I made a bicycle powered elevator to solve this problem. Don’t you wish you had one? 

Posted by James on 18th May 2013

Tom Isted Double Flips

Tom Isted making hard tricks look easy. Commitbmx clip

Posted by BenK on 15th May 2013

Nathan Goring photos

Here are some photos I done for my college and just finished them

Posted by James on 24th April 2013

Super Tall Bike You Want to Try Out

Its bike related so its going up.. epic bike moves just to get through traffic from 14ft up.. you know you want a go..

Posted by James on 8th April 2013

Adrenaline Alley Building Two – New Ramps


Seems like the Four One Four Skateparks team have been busy with the new Corby ramps, its all looking pretty good there. It sure is a training camp now!

See more pictures here:

Posted by James on 7th April 2013

Rudimental – Waiting All Night feat. Ella Eyre (Official Video)

This video is so epic, epic in the way of the amount that Kurt Yaeger went through. I really cant imagine how upsetting it would be when he woke up! Hopefully we will never have that happen to us but at least he had his friends with him every step of the way!

The official video for ‘Waiting All Night’ is the inspirational true life-story of San Francisco born BMX champion and actor – Kurt Yaeger, who became an amputee after an accident in 2006.
All the characters in the clip are pro bmx’ers and the real friends of Kurt.

Waiting All Night feat Ella Eyre is out April 14th, pre-order here:

Posted by James on 25th March 2013

The BikeSpike


This little device looks pretty cool, if you have the cash it might be quite useful for bike protection “The BikeSpike is a tracking solution that protects your bike and broadcasts your ride! Pledge a dollar for a holler or be one of the very first on Earth to Spike Your Bike. Support our Kickstarter now.”

See more here:

Posted by Al Bailey on 15th February 2013

Old Fools #1 – Last Resort 1996

Hi Internet. For some reason I’ve been given permission to post back on this site after a long ass haul of hiatus. Ive come back to be one of those old bastards who posts old videos of the glory days to keep the memory alive of when bmx was at its most progressive period of the 90s and early 2000’s.

I’ll try my best to not be a patronizing jerk. All my posts from now on are genuinely for all my brothers who i grew up with riding kids bikes. Some of us dont see each other anymore, Life has gotten the best of us. Sometimes, this means, hanging up the bike for work, girlfriends, boyfriends and other commitments none of us can get away from.

The videos i want to post up on this site from now on are dedicated to all you riders over the age of 25 who have lived bmx since you were young. These little shits might be able to destroy us down the trails/skateparks and on the streets these days but they will never understand how much these videos and music meant to us back then.

Back when there was no internet, no shops locally (cyclone forever) who sold bmx parts and barely anywhere that sold ride or god forbid dig magazine.The videos of “our” time were precious! Watching these VHS vids every night and every saturday/sunday morning before riding somewhere made my life. Getting pumped at the punk soundtrack, wanting to go and meet our mates to quote the stupid stuff these guys we looked up to said in the videos made riding even more fun .These jerks have it easy now.

Anyways, I am turning into that patronizing guy now. Here is a video that pretty much MADE bmx for me at the ripe age of 13 way back when. To me, this was uk bmx. Keep the heritage alive and never forget the good times guys – Bailey

Posted by James on 5th February 2013

Farnborough – Michael Jordan & Tyler Hardy Sunday Session

These two throw some serious moves at Farnborough skatepark

Posted by James on 6th December 2012

Pretty Sweet Trailer

If you are into bmxing then you will probably still be interested in this trailer. its nothing to do with bmx but its well worth your time. Looks like the video will be awesome!

Posted by James on 4th December 2012

James Foster Triple Backflip | Nitro Circus London

James Foster pulled a triple flip at the o2 arena on the Nitro Circus tour.. and on his birthday!. That’s just nuts!