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Posted by James on 28th October 2013

Cristian Torres Bonafe ‘BONAROLL’ Cashroll Tailwhip

Cristian Torres Bonafe with apparently the first Cashroll Tailwhip on dirt. It’s a pretty crazy trick even if you don’t think its a cashroll tailwhip, so much spinning. I had to keep pausing it to see the rotation he was doing. BMX progress is awesome to see in any case!

source: shockmansion

Posted by James on 28th October 2013

ZEAL – Ghetto Frontyard Jam 2013

Zeal knows how to put on a good Jam, lots of awesome home made stuff in this, even a sky ring made an appearance… this is how you do it!

Posted by Greg on 14th July 2013

London Jam!

Here is my edit of the London Jam this Saturday. It was an awesome day and people pulled out some sweet stunts! Weather turned out a dream, couldn’t have asked for more. Check it out!

Posted by James on 18th May 2013

X Games Barcelona 2013 BMX Park Final

Gary Young wins BMX Park gold

Ryan Nyquist wins BMX Park silver

X games park final action, which saw Gary Young get Gold medal. Happy that he won, he deserves it.

1. Gary Young
2. Ryan Nyquist
3. Scotty Cranmer

Posted by James on 19th April 2013

X Games Dirt 2013 in Brazil Preview


A nice little preview of what the X Games dirt will look like this year. TJ Ellis does a quick run through the trails

Posted by James on 2nd April 2013

Mount Hawke Easter BMX Jam 2013 – James Holmes

The Mount Hawke Jam was this weekend. From what i hear some crazy stuff went on.. a lot like this

Posted by James on 18th March 2013

Simple Session 2013 Finals

And of course we had to post the finals.. lots of good riding going down this year!

“Despite judging controversy, Simple Session 2013 goes down in history as a contest that saw some of the highest caliber riding any contest has ever seen. With a cast of characters ranging from the likes of Alex Kennedy and Simone Barraco to the likes of Kyle Baldock and Daniel Sandoval and an equally balanced course designed by Nate Wessel and carried out by Aaron Bostrom, the riding level at SS13 was through the roof. At the end of the day, Kevin Peraza took home the top spot with Michael Beran and Harry Main behind him. Click play on the video above for full proof of all the insanity that went down in Tallinn on the 17th of March.” -Ridebmx

Posted by James on 18th March 2013

Michael Beran: 360 Bikeflip to Tailwhip at Simple Session 2013

That’s a lot of bike spinning.. Michael Beran seems to pull it off with a 360 Bikeflip to Tailwhip at Simple Session 2013

Posted by James on 18th March 2013

Kevin Peraza – Air Double Decade – Simple Session 2013

That’s Just crazy! Kevin Peraza at Simple Session 2013

Posted by James on 26th December 2012

Premier Bmx Xmas Jam 2012 – Skaterham

Premier Bmx had a Xmas jam at skaterham recently. Some good clips in this, well worth a watch.

Premier have a sale on atm.. 50% off! go there now!

Posted by James on 18th December 2012

2012 Hog Jam at Motion Ramp Park

2012 Hog Jam at Motion Ramp Park – More BMX Videos

Harry Main goes huge on the spine in Bristol. How many barspins was that at the end!!? Riding from Declan Brooks, Harry Main, Ryan Taylor, Josh Crosswell, Ash Douglas, Jack Watts, Aaron Nicholson, and more

Posted by Greg on 6th November 2012


Super excited at this news, glad they are getting back to their roots.