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Dan Foley – Dynamics

Great editing and great riding, all round a really nice edit from Dan Foley

Starting as a product promo for a sponsor, this project took on a life of its own when the company and I parted ways at the end of last year. With the resulting sense of change, growth, and uncertainty, I felt the need to keep this project as personal and true to myself as possible. I couldn’t be happier with how everything took shape and I hope it’s as enjoyable to watch as it was to make. Filmed over the past fall and winter in North Carolina, Maryland, Texas, and Japan. Huge thanks to everyone who helped with the filming.

Posted by James on 7th March 2014

Isaac Lesser – Mankind 2013

With awesome riding from Isaac and the filming skills from Sean you know this will be a good edit. Sit back and watch some awesome bmx

Posted by James on 23rd December 2013

Pastranaland – Game On

I think we would all like to go to Pastranaland. Travis Pastrana has so much fun.

Posted by James on 28th November 2013

Alex Coleborn | After Hours

Honestly, you know this is going to blow your mind. Alex just makes it all look so easy. Awesome park edit.

Posted by James on 28th November 2013

Going all in for Movember

This is not only a great video, its a great cause. Sean does a great job for Movember and Extreme sports channel.

Posted by James on 25th November 2013

Nathan Goring Recycles Edit

He is a edit that me and nathan put together before he went to the usa.




Posted by BenK on 5th November 2013

Tom Cheeseman | Aftershow

Its great to see an edit from Ched, he is an awesome rider and a really nice guy. We have been waiting for something like this from him. Nice work

Posted by James on 1st November 2013

Cristian Torres Bonafe ‘BONAROLL’ Cashroll Tailwhip

Cristian Torres Bonafe with apparently the first Cashroll Tailwhip on dirt. It’s a pretty crazy trick even if you don’t think its a cashroll tailwhip, so much spinning. I had to keep pausing it to see the rotation he was doing. BMX progress is awesome to see in any case!

source: shockmansion

Posted by James on 28th October 2013

ZEAL – Ghetto Frontyard Jam 2013

Zeal knows how to put on a good Jam, lots of awesome home made stuff in this, even a sky ring made an appearance… this is how you do it!

Posted by James on 28th October 2013

Etnies – Chase Hawk

Its always good to see an edit from Chase Hawk, this is a long one but worth taking the time to watch it.. Even a mention about a new Etnies BMX Film! That would be awesome.

Posted by James on 28th October 2013

Rob Darden Feed The Beast

Rob Darden Feeds The Beast at The Animal House – More BMX Videos

This is so good, Rob goes so high, its a must see! He has that free coaster stuff on lock

Posted by James on 28th October 2013

Scott Hamlin – 18ft to the face

This is a real heavy crash, good to hear hes ok but.. man that’s a long way to fall!

Having a great time being back on the bike and shredding this wall ride so I decided to get a mate to film me when this happened… realized what was going on by about 6am in Birminghams Q.E.H hospital.

Subscribe to Scott’s channel here:

Posted by James on 30th September 2013