The Story

BMX has been a part of my life for a long time, not only riding a small bike around every weekend, but also running a website. Sadly the time has come to shut down the site.
The website you are on at the moment started from very humble beginnings. I had a placement (back in 1999) in a web design company  for two weeks and they kindly set up a site for me called This site was pretty crudely designed, handcoded in HTML.
Everything was set up; I had the server and updated it on a weekly basis. This was great, although every time I updated it I had to take the files to the design company a couple of miles away to upload to their server (apparently for security reasons). After a couple of months people started to use the site a lot more so this spurred me on to purchase some hosting of my own, which allowed me to upload files from home.
This ran for a couple of years and comprised of local updates from the Surrey area. I ran the site with help from Gareth, Rob, Sherm and Dave who I rode with at the time, updating with photos and video. The video side of it always intrigued me. It was always hard work to get videos on the site as there were no tools like YouTube or Vimeo around at the time. We had to make do with recording from a camcorder tape onto the PC, then finding a haphazard way to embed it onto the site, normally using windows media player.
Up to the time I went to uni I had always ridden downhill/jump bikes but got more into riding skateparks, so I moved into BMX in 2004 purchasing a MacNeil Miron (“The Tank”). After I moved to uni I decided a “rebrand” was needed. I changed the name to digitalbmx and it went through several updates after settling with a wordpress-style blog layout.
Whilst studying at Plymouth Uni I met some of the locals that rode at the local skatepark called Central Park. We made a video of all the locals which was filmed over 2005/6. You can still find the video sections here
After Uni I continued with the site and stepped up the filming and site updates. From the early days of monthly updates the site has moved on hugely. We started to do a lot of competitions with bike companies and collaborative video projects.
It began to become progressively harder to keep up with all the video blogging sites and so the updates started to decline. It came to a point where I couldn't continue to keep up the standard of updates that I wanted. I have had a lot of fond memories of running this site, which is why I have kept a lot of the pictures and videos in the media section. Even though the site will not be updated, there will still be lots of video updates on the Facebook and Twitter channels.
BMX has taken me to all sorts of places; from visiting a skatepark in a public swimming pool, to crazy sport festivals, to filming in Barcelona. I have to say a huge thanks to everyone who has helped in any way with the site, from the companies donating towards competitions to anyone who has picked up a camera and filmed.
I’m sure I will pick up the bike again at some point but for now, it was an awesome ride.